We cloned the brain of a world class barista and put it in a machine

It’s 10AM. It’s busy in your barista bar: a queue of 35 customers is waiting for their coffees. ‘Flat latte with soy milk please’. ‘One cappuccino with oat milk coming up.’ ‘Un cortado por favor, con leche de vacha.’

Where baristas master coffee, research showed that perfectly delicious milk foam is a problem for them. Especially with the exploding vegan milks coming to market. That made us sit together with a world champ latte art and our friends at ACID. We cloned his brain and put into a machine: aēralab is the first smart milk lab in the world that auto-recognises any type of milk and foams it into delicious, world-champ quality milk foam. Simply, automatically.

Awarded with the Smart Innovation Label at Host Milano 2021