Introducing the planet’s tastiest alternative to milk chocolate – 100% plant-based

Yes, you’ve read it well. NXT is a new generation of chocolates we helped develop together with the Callebaut team. They’re made from traceable cocoa beans, and – more important – 100% plant-based. Bye-bye cow’s milk. Hello chufa, or so you prefer: tigernut milk. In short: the first M_lk chocolate that reduces our footprint and is the planet’s tastiest alternative to milk chocolate.

But – here’s the catch – developing a plant-based, dairy-free, vegan alternative to milk chocolate is one thing. But how do you convince chefs to literally throw 500 years of pastry knowledge in the bin to consider buying this chocolate? Exactly: by re- inventing pastry (with no dairy, no eggs, no animal ingredients) and offering it like a fresh, delicious data-magnet. Data that help us understand who’s in love and wants to buy. Saving our planet never tasted this good!