Proximus’ baseline Think possible is an inherently inclusive one. To Belgium’s largest telco provider and its employees, it’s also the only way to think. Origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, or disability aren’t definers of talent, drive or ambition. Talent is defined by talent to them. Someone’s drive is defined by their drive. Ambition by their ambition.


In an intimate setting, we asked Proximus employees to talk openly about their experiences in the workplace. Their honest testimonies showed how deeply rooted inclusivity is at Proximus. It also showed a shared value system of judging people only on their skill set, commitment, knowledge, eagerness to learn, and passion… Talent is talent after all – no matter who you love or what you believe in.


The campaign gives future employees an honest look at Proximus’ diverse and inclusive workplace: “a microcosm that reflects Belgian society”, as Odon (one of the interviewees) puts it.