While everyone can now enjoy the dream sleep, we’re wide awake: just won the silver effie award 2021

Market research showed that 1 out of 3 people experience restless nights and feel deprived of sleep.
Lunestil by EG turns the tide, with an effective, fully natural sleeping aid. And with Berlin Creative Studio by their side to create branding, packaging, TVC, digital campaign and instore tools.

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The results for Lunestil?

Brand notoriety in record time
N°1 market leader position within 1 month after launch
More people than ever well rested
Winner of Silver effie award 2021
Mention of excellence in touchpoint by effie 2021 jury

How about winning your effie award in 2022?

We’re up and ready to take your brands and products to the champion’s league. Coffee will be served (after a good night rest).