How do you convince world-class chefs to reinvent over 500 years of pastry culture? And make the switch to plant-based chocolate? Even when the whole profession is deeply rooted on tradition?


Exactly: by re-inventing pastry (with no dairy, no eggs, no animal ingredients) from scratch and offering all the delicious and best-selling recipes like a fresh and tast data-magnet to all the chefs that couldn’t wait to get their hands on it.

Yes, you’ve read it well. NXT is a new generation of chocolates we helped develop together with the Callebaut team. They’re made from traceable cocoa beans, and – more important – 100% plant-based. Bye-bye cow’s milk. Hello chufa, or so you prefer: tigernut milk. In short: the first M_lk chocolate that reduces our footprint and is the planet’s tastiest alternative to milk chocolate.

The first vegan chocolate that works with chefs rather than against them