Meditating is cool and all. But have you ever experienced the absolute thrill of shredding French country roads with the roar of a perfectly tuned machine underneath you? It’s not only movie stars like James Dean and Brad Pitt that get to do so. Every. Single. Car mechanic is a hero of the road.


We wanted to put them on a pedestal again. And make the mechanics themselves proud ambassadors of the Champion brand and spirit. The result is an ode to those who make the rrrroooooooaaaaaaarrrring sound of automotive possible, the everyday heroes of the engine, those mechanics whose hearts tick like the corner of a Nascar race: the Champions who choose Champion.

Together with these Champions we swiped the dust off of an absolute icon of car mechanic joy. And made mechanics proud to work with it again. Because Champion is the original spark plug, chosen by those who realise spark plugs need to be more than disposable. They need to hold fast during the beginning of sunny day road trips and the very last stretches of Le Mans.

The mechanics are the ones who make it all possible. They are the heroes of the road – the Master of Automotive. And this is their celebration.