Pouring Gen Z’s desire to break free into a brand-new brewed craft soda

Alcohol = fun? Not necessarily for Gen Z in their search for freedom. This generation is all about breaking free from the established norms. About questioning the world as we know it. So where does that get us? A young crowd that’s ready to say no to peer-pressure. And saying yes to less alcohol.

Finding a new kind of wisdom in this mindset, the Dutch brewery, Swinkels, gave these free spirits exactly what they were after. They crafted Freebrew — a drink that’s all about 100% enjoyment and 0% alcohol. So, where did our creative studio come in? We asked the right questions to embody the essence of Freebrew into a branding and packaging that represented this new (and fresher, for that matter) approach to life.

"Just like Gen Z, this drink didn't conform to the norms."

We knew the product. So, we went to the drawing board to find the best way to make it tangible. What was Freebrew? Was it an alcohol-free beer? Another soft drink? Nope. This was something different. Just like Gen Z, this drink didn’t conform to the norms. It wouldn’t fit under just one category. Freebrew was a brewed craft soda. And it couldn’t have been better represented than by a hummingbird.

Guess what. The hummingbird wasn’t just a hummingbird. It was one-of-a-kind. One who flew past the limits of the beer and soda categories. With a design that rejected all stereotypes, our flying buddy blurred the lines that dared to define this drink as something it was not. And we made sure it did it with a fresh and fruity design, just as free as the generation that inspired it.